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Tumuro Herbal Kahwa from Hunza
Tumuro Herbal Kahwa from Hunza

    Tumuro Herbal Kahwa from Hunza

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    Tumuro (wild thyme) is used in Hunza for centuries as a herb to treat flu, cough, stomach ache and sore throat. As the weather is changing, a hot cup of Tumuro may help you fight against flu and cough. It has improved sleep pattern of those who have consumed Tumuro.

    Boost Your Immune:

    No wonder the prevailing corona virus is called novel because the cure hasn't been found yet. Let's hope and pray it's cure is found soon. However our best bet is on hygiene, staying home and taking a balanced diet to ensure the strength of our immunity systems. Two cups of Tumuro Kahwa a day can lower your chances of getting allergies and a sore throat. It can help boost your immunity if taken with a natural sweetener. It's steam cab help loosen the mucous and open your nasal airways naturally.

    Like most fruits, they are full of vitamins and minerals and make a great addition to a healthful diet.


    Good Source of Vitamin A

    Apricots are packed with Vitamin A. It’s fat soluble, and helps in the enhancement of vision, among other things. And it keeps the immune system in check, protecting your skin in the process.


    Rich in Fiber

    Whether you eat it dried, or fresh, apricots are a good source of dietary fiber. It breaks down fatty acids fast, which means your digestion is in order. And not only that, the fruit protects you from gastrointestinal concerns by cleaning out the intestines regularly.


    Good for Your Heart

    Given that the fruit is high on fiber content, it helps to reduce the bad cholesterol content in the body, and that means your heart is protected. And at the same time, it increases the good cholesterol.


    Good for Your Blood

    Any plant produce that contains iron has non-heme iron, and that includes apricot. This type of iron takes its time to be absorbed by the body, and the longer it stays in the system, the better your chances in preventing anemia.

    Note: Children under the age of one year should not consume raw honey.

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