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History of Honey
The famous Indian Philosopher Sri Aurobindo said, “Turn all things to honey; this is the law of divine living”. Heaven according to Christian Bible is the Land of Milk and Honey. The History of honey goes back 200 Million even before humans inhabited this planet. There is no doubt in saying that honey was man’s first and most reliable source of sweetener. The oldest written reference to honey dates to the Egyptians who considered honey so valuable and precious, the natural sweetener that they used it as a form of currency.
The best part above all is marriage vows which included a husband’s promise to provide his new wife with honey.

Production of Honey
The thing more fascinating and richer than the history of honey is how honey is made. How this nature’s sweetener comes into our home making our lives comfortable, healthy and successful. It is a well thought out systematic natural process which makes us appreciate this nature wonder more.

Wonderful Fun Facts of Honey which keeps us buzzing:
• Honey Never Spoils, correct that is correct nectar will never turn sour so you      can be certain your sweet exquisite pleasure will have an unceasing time     frame of realistic usability.
• Honey is Medicinal, nectar is utilized as a characteristic treatment for dandruff,    stomach ulcers, and even regular sensitivities.
• One honey bee must fly around 90,000 miles – multiple times far and wide – to make one pound of nectar.
•Honey is the main nourishment that incorporates every one of the substances important to continue life.
• The honey bee is the only insect that produces nourishment eaten by man.

Peeping into Benefits of Honey
Apart from honey being natures delicious treat it also carries a lot of benefits. Benefits which makes it a healthy and essential part of a healthy living being. Honey is extremely high in beneficial plant compounds and offers wide variety of health benefits. Honey is particularly the best to be used as a natural healthy sugar instead of refined sugar, which has 0% calories.
The Wide and Miraculous World of Honey Flavors
Honey is honey, you say. Well yes and no. If you stir honey into a hot, highly flavored tea, most flavor difference between types of honey will be lost, true. Yet, bees that feed on specific plants make honey with truly unique flavor profiles.

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