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                   This modus operandi of Pureganic Food is simple, we want to promote the healthy eating culture in Pakistan and all this with an easy availability and affordable rates. In the age of processed and canned food we want the people to shift to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. Pureganic Food is your online one stop shop for all your natural and organic food needs at budget friendly rates. 

                                                                                     “We aren’t just a business that sells bee products, we care about bees.”

What Makes us Different

                   We believes in providing its consumer with the purest and freshest honey available, honey that will make you believe as if the bees themselves dropped it off for you. We believe in working at grass roots level, direct working of our Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority ( PSQCA) with our Beekeepers all over Pakistan ensures a strict quality downright from the start. Our Quality Assurance department ensures that the honey is collected in a safe and hygienic way all according to the leading international and local standards. Our Research and Development department ensures all leading techniques in procuring honey is applied so that our consumer gets the finest and appetizing honey.

Our Honey is free from all chemical and additional supplements, beekeepers ensure that no added preservatives such as sugar is given to the bees to ensure the most authentic and natural honey. We believe in a safe work environment and strict HSE standards are followed in our honey procuring method which ensures safety of the Bee workers and the Bees.

We at Pureganic Food ensure our customer gets the most natural taste of Gods natural nectar whether it is our delicious Acacia or Orange Blossom, Dark & Mild or Beri Honey or the original Robinia Honey. Puraganic Food is your one stop online shop for all your honey needs that will keep you buzzing for more and more.

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