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Posted by Pureganic Food Board on Oct 09, 2019 

Why Raw Honey Is Good For Your

The two sugars contain glucose and fructose. Be that as it may, for sugar, during the time spent assembling, the natural acids, protein, nitrogen components, compounds and nutrients in the sugar stick are crushed, while nectar, a characteristic sugar, subjects just to insignificant warming. Likewise, nectar has certain advantageous cancer prevention agent and antimicrobial properties which are absent in table sugar.

Here are three key purposes of contrasting nectar versus table sugar and they will make you like eating nectar:
1. Lesser Amount is Required of Honey
The main question that comes to our mind with sugar and honey is which has more calories? One tablespoon of table sugar or sucrose contains 46 calories, while one tablespoon of common sugar nectar has 64 calories. In spite of the fact that nectar may have more calories, we really need to utilize less of it since it is better than table sugar. Subsequently, you may in reality devour even less measure of calories that you would with sugar. What's more, over the long haul despite the fact that nectar is progressively costly, it might be more efficient than table sugar. I was shocked when I originally discovered how much table sugar I was expending when I take a jar of coke - 10 teaspoons, and a 50g chocolate bar - 7 teaspoons! (Nourishment Calorie)
2. Nectar is Slowly Absorbed into Bloodstream
Is nectar superior to anything sugar in managing glucose? Table sugar is sucrose, which is comprised of two particles fortified together. When we eat table sugar, our stomach needs to utilize its very own compounds to isolate the atoms separated before we can utilize the sugar's vitality. Nectar is very extraordinary. The honeybees have added a unique catalyst to the nectar that partitions the sucrose into glucose and fructose - two basic sugars for our bodies can ingest straightforwardly. Consequently, nectar versus sugar, nectar has a more beneficial Glycemic Index (GI) which estimates the negative effect of a given nourishment on the blood-glucose level. The lower the GI rating, the slower the retention and implantation of sugars into the circulation system and henceforth an increasingly progressive and more beneficial assimilation procedure (The Glycemic Index).
3. Nectar has Nutrients
In contrast to nectar, table sugar needs minerals and nutrients (consequently it's been regularly called void calories), they draw upon the body's supplements to be processed into the framework. At the point when these supplements are totally spent, utilizing of unwanted cholesterol and unsaturated fat is hindered, adding to more elevated cholesterol and elevating stoutness because of higher unsaturated fat on the organs and tissues. That is the reason it isn't phenomenal for hefty individuals to experience the ill effects of hunger and numerous other well being related issues. So the message is, contrasting nectar versus sugar, on the off chance that you are watching your weight, nectar will be a more intelligent decision than sugar.
Other than the distinctions in sustenance, when asking "is nectar superior to sugar?", I feel sugar can never contend with nectar in taste. Despite the fact that both are sweet, nectar has such a one of a kind flavor, that can be valuable and predominant in numerous nourishment and drinks. The scope of nectar flower assortments is immense to such an extent that encountering for yourself the uniqueness of every assortment and having the option to fitting every assortment to abuse each likelihood to supplement and improve taste of various sorts of nourishment's turns into a capable craftsmanship.


 Posted by Pureganic Food Board on Oct 15, 2019

Studies have exhibited that a great deal of excellent exercise can cripple immunity and make you progressively slanted to infection. During remarkable physical exertion or ludicrous exercise, for instance, long separation race or long distance race, the body produces weight hormones, for instance, cortisol and adrenaline that raise circulatory strain and cholesterol levels and cover the immune structure.
Usage of nectar got together with a movement adjusted more than about a month and a half could incite critical augmentations in serum solvent phosphate, indicating increasingly conspicuous bone improvement. It was recommended that fragments, for instance, supplement K, and minerals, for instance, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium found in nectar could add to improved bone prosperity.
A spoonful of nectar before a race basically gives you superpowers. It improves speed, power, and lifts essentials. Really, it's science.



Posted by Pureganic Food Board on Nov 06, 2019

Earth Day is April 22nd and it is the perfect time to thank our pollinators for all they do to makes our planet beautiful and our diets diverse and delicious. In this special edition of Honey at Breakfast, we will be honoring our favorite pollinator – the humble honey bee – with fresh fruit and honey breakfast recipes.
In addition to making honey, honey bees also perform the vital function – a second shift as we like to call it - of pollination, or the transferring of pollen from plant to plant, thus fertilizing the plants and enabling them to bear fruit. Without the honey bees' pollination work, the quantity and quality of many crops would be reduced and some would not yield at all.

If you’re anything like us, there are few things better than a bowl of fresh fruit in the morning. From succulent berries to crisp apples and juicy melons, fresh fruit is a delicious and nutritious way to kick off your morning. Like we said above, this is a special Honey at Breakfast post and we are sure you will love celebrating Earth Day and all of our pollinators with these six fruit and honey recipes.



Posted by Pureganic Food Board on Nov 22, 2019

Unfortunately there is a myth that crystallized honey means that honey is fake or it has gone bad. This is not true. In fact, crystallized honey is a sign that honey is raw and unprocessed. 

This is good if your honey has crystallized. It means that it naturally contains high amounts of pollen's, royal jelly and beeswax. These are super foods and a sign that your honey is fresh from the hive without processing or filtration. 


Posted by Pureganic Food Board on Nov 30, 2019

A spoonful of nectar before a race basically gives you superpowers. It improves speed, power, and lifts vitality. Truly, it's science...
In an examination led by the University of Memphis Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory, when focused cyclists were given nectar at normal interim during a 40 mile race, they encountered a huge increment in both power and speed. Clearly, nectar won't inexplicably make you an Olympian, however it will enable you to accomplish your pinnacle execution potential. Better believe it, nectar is entirely amazing. Obviously, nobody needs to go on a long keep running with a container of nectar thumping inside their rucksack. Rather, join nectar into your wellness routine with these imaginative thoughts...
• Add a spoonful of nectar and a spot of pink salt into your water bottle for a hydrating sports drink that recharges electrolytes.
• Make feeding vitality chomps with our Super food Cacao Honey
• Eat some Bee Powered straight out of the container pre-or post-exercise and refuel your muscles on a cell level.
• Stash a stick or two of B.Chill in your fanny pack for a definitive post-exercise chill off.
What are you sitting tight for? Get your nectar and get it!

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