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Is your Honey is Raw?

 Yes all of our Honey is raw and cold extracted.Which means Raw honey has never been through heating process prior to bottling.

Why Honey is so sweet?

Honey is one of the sweetest foods found in nature. Flowering plants secrete a sugary substance called nectar. Nectar is made of simple sugars. Bees collect nectar, and take it to the hive where they evaporate water from it by fanning it with their wings. Honey tastes much sweeter than any other sugar. This is why it makes a great substitution for sugar in baking, cooking and as a drink sweetener. Remember to use half the amount of the sugar called for when substituting honey.

Is all Honey the same?

No, there are many varieties and flavors of honey, depending on the flowers from which bees collect nectar.

Is your Honey Pasteurized?

No, our honey is not pasteurized; this is called raw honey (unpasteurized). Raw honey will retain its natural sweet, full bodied flavor. Compare it to processed store bought honey, you’ll immediately tell the difference.

How should I store my honey?

 Honey can be stored anywhere at any temperature however different temperatures can cause it to crystallize (if it is cold) or liquefy (if it is hot). It is one of the few products in the world that never goes bad, due to its unique chemical composition. We recommend storing your honey between 15 – 24C, or at room temperature whenever possible.

Does Honey spoil or go bad?

As long as it is unpasteurized, no. Honey stored in sealed containers can remain stable for decades and even centuries! It has been found in Egyptian tombs and is still edible.

Will Honey help with my allergies?

Local/Regional Wildflower Honey is what we recommend to assist with allergies. Wildflower Honey may have a variety of wildflower pollen in the honey, thus working as an immune booster to that pollen's.

Are some Honeys more premium that other honeys?

Yes! Some flowers only bloom for a short period and are very regional- therefore, the Honeybees only have a short period of time to collect the nectar each year. All nectar has a distinct taste that translates into the Honey. And just like now flowers have different scents, each nectar has a different taste, some being tastier than others.

How should I Store my Honey?

Honey should be stored in room temperature, in a cool and dry place.

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