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Nectar Source: Orange Citrus Flowers

Taste: Sweet aroma and creamy texture

Color: Light amber color

Region: From fertile lands of West Punjab along the citrus tree growth region.

Harvesting Time: Between Late January and early February

Crystallization: Orange blossom honey is naturally rich in pollen and beeswax. It is likely to crystallize at low room temperature.



Orange blossom honey is mono-floral honey which is full of Vitamins and Minerals, extracted from Orange Citrus Flowers is our very special kind of floral honey known as Orange Blossom Honey. Nectar and pollen are gathered by bees and our experts extract it in our traditional way. Likewise all our honey, they cause less allergic reactions to our users.

[[Health Benefits:]]


Since all of our Honey has exquisite benefits, our Orange blossom Honey is also one of them.


Wound healing Aid

The honey can be used to heal injuries and marks on the skin. It research done back in the 90's it was found out that honey has the most impactful effect on the wounds. This is because it reduces the infections and has antibacterial effects on the body. It has been in use for healing injuries for like a decade and still be the best source of medicine.


Great for sore throat

Orange blossom honey can also be used as a Cough aiding medicine. It has natural Vitamin C which relieves the pain and sore throat. Mixing it with ginger gives a soothing effect on the throat and can cure the cough and heal the mucous lining in a few days of use.


Improves Stress

Being all simple carbohydrates, Orange Blossom honey is great energizing food, recommended for children or anyone recovering from illness, exhaustion or a stressful period. Not only does it give us physical energy, but studies suggest it may also help improve stress and depression.


Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure patients can reap a lot of benefits from it by taking regularly taking one tablespoon of Orange Blossom honey in warm water to control BP Level instantly.


                                     Please also check out our Organic Robinia honeyAcacia honey, and Sidr Beri Honey too. These honey also has amazing health benefits.

[[Recommended Use:]]


The honey can be used as a sweetener, especially for herbal teas because its flavor does not alter the taste of the infusion. 

Orange Blossom honey can make a great face mask, illuminating skin and making it soft and clear. Also, sterile bandages from unprocessed, organic, carefully handled honey are currently being developed to decrease wound healing time.

[[Why Pureganic Food?]]


During the harvesting season, our experts in our team make sure the honey extracted from the beehive is extremely pure and no heat is being applied to it. They stay close to that area where harvesting takes place every year and makes sure the beekeepers extract the honey with their traditional technique.

This way all minerals, enzymes, and vitamins of this honey are preserved in it which makes it different from others. This is why Pureganic honey is extremely pure and genuine. Usually while extracting honey the beekeepers apply heat to it and then filter it out which makes it lose its own vitamins and minerals. This is why they are different in taste and less beneficial for health.

[[Why we can not sell our honey cheaper?]]


Our honey costs a little more than other honey - the reason is we do not mix honey with sugar or cheap ingredients. Also, you may have noticed, other honey bottles are large in size, this is because they mix it with other ingredients to make its quantity look bigger and better.

On the contrary, our bottle size is comparatively smaller as they are not mixed with any other product - we keep it in the bottle as it is without adding chemicals, applying heat or filtering it. We want our customers to have a genuine product, you do pay a little more than the normal honey available in the market but in return, you get a pure organic product which will help you in the long run as well.

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